when please :question: that’s all im saying :exclamation:


I put my money on about 60 days prior to 0.7

I put 2 chickens and a goat on it being 50 days :wink:

I say 16 months± before the release of Cubase 8.0

Who the hell can afford goats at todays prices!

I don’t think your far off Steve if going by previous life cycles . 7.5.7 for 2 months then the release of total chaos 8 with a full half a finger touchscreen control !

ok ok i’ll revise the bet , 2 chicken legs and a bag of sausages ( fried brains ) . sorry the goat was a slip of the finger :wink:

but it would be nice to see .6 soon , ive got a very very strange feeling we are going to have an announcement very soon :wink:

its gona be in 2 days… put my girl friend on this one (want to get rid of her :laughing: )

pic please , I can post a pic of the chicken and sausages if need be ?

no pic but lets say i can give u my “cow” for your chicken, but u better stay with your sausages :mrgreen:

err… what do you think this is instagram? :astonished:

I think it was the 18th last month wasn’t it ??? (notification )

Aloha guys,

I see the C6.5.5 update has just been announced.

Perhaps personnel of that team can now lend some help
with getting .06 out the door.

Makes ya wonder what they have planned for C7.1 or C7.5.

its gona be in 2 days… put my girl friend on this one (want to get rid of her > :laughing: > )


wasn’t today then :neutral_face:

I think SB are busy finishing off 6.5.5. They just announced their final update.

yes and I wonder what issues that’s going to cause on top :wink:
We will see , hopeful it will be a nice little surprise art the end of the week or beginning of next .
To be honest the only bug I have is with the automap and a very occasional crash with Uad but it doesn’t stop me working ,but the faster Steinberg release the updates then the faster novation will be able to sort out this issue . :wink:

I know I was probably one of the lucky ones but I was really happy with my Cubase 7.04. But since upgrading to 7.05 I can’t read my track names on the mixer channels, using the inserts is a joke with those stupid handle things and not showing any pre-set names. I’m still not sure how many times I have to click on it to open up the plugin GUI, half the time I open the media bay by mistake. A real work flow killer.

I work a busy little studio and was trying to whack out the mixes today for a young can we record 10 songs in 5 days type band and for the first time since Cubase 7 I was let down by the mixer channels on the far right not being accessible unless I closed and reopened the mixer a few times.

I have worked a few bands with 7.04, 03, etc without problems. I know my answer is to go back to 7.04 but why is an upgrade so much of a downgrade. I really am hoping that all the things that were broken in the last upgrade will be put right in the next as it seems stupid that 7.04 is so much better than 7.05. I await 7.06 with interest.

oohhhh is it going to be today :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: