0 latency monitoring like Logic and StudioOne

Please dear steinberg, Please implement this 0 latency monitoring like Logic and StudioOne in version cubase 10,
don’t wait till version 11.


Have you yourself measured the difference between the programs using the gear you have on hand?

Let’s be clear about this.

It Low Latency not zero latency.

It is still limited by the abilities of your audio interface.

Read this article: https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/studio-one-buffers-low-latency

Obviously it’s not zero latency technically, but it’s not noticeable during performance and is extremely useful.
In cubase you can clearly hear that there’s latency in software monitoring if you select direct monitoring you will hear echo-like doubling, and when using just software monitoring it obviously hurts the performance

Nope. Only wrong handling. :wink:
You can do the same with Cubase…

please see this vid e.g.


That’s no different than Cubase.

that works for send effects like reverb or delay.
but no for insert effects like guitar amp sims

very different

Native low latency monitoring is PreSonus’ attempt to mimic features that are in Cubase. There was no attempt to add anything unique to Studio One that isn’t in Cubase. Is there something specific that you’re saying can’t already be done in Cubase?

either I dont know how to enable [near] zero latency monitoring with insert effects like StudioOne and LogicX have,
or you confuse cubase’s hardware monitoring and software monitoring with audible latency with a feature [near] zero monitoring

That’s a pretty basic thing that Cubase is capable of. For example, that’s how you use an amp sim in Cubase. In other words, Cubase has the same low latency monitoring feature as Logic, and now Studio One has that same feature. Turn on asio guard. If you want to bypass latent plugins, use the CDC button. That’s equivalent to the “Z” button in Studio One.

This vid is showing how you can use Studio One to control low latency monitoring using one of the stated audio interfaces from Presonus. It is possible because Studio One is tightly integrated with the controls of the audio interface through the universal control mixing software that is used with the PreSonus audio interfaces.

Cubase does have a “direct monitoring” function too but, it can only be enabled when connected to an audio interface that can be controlled by Cubase (a Steinberg UR interface maybe)? I don’t have a UR interface so I’m not sure how that function works but I would think it works similar.

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I think you might be talking about a different video? There are two different kinds of low latency monitoring in Studio One. You’re describing hardware low latency monitoring, but this video is about the other kind of low latency monitoring: native low latency monitoring. It’s effectively the same thing as Asio Guard combined with CDC.

Oh I used to have UR44, it was very inconvenient to use with cubase because with cubase it didn’t allow to use the hardware dsp mixer, so everything I was tracking was way to quiet to hear for the performers, so I had to create 2 channels and boost the volume all the way up on the “monitoring” one, for each input in order to have audible input monitoring.

I guess this zero latency monitoring thing is not that great after all if the one in studioOne and Logic works the same as steinberg UR audio interface monitoring

Yea I’m talking about native low latency monitoring

In that case, Cubase already has it, and it has nothing to do with audio interfaces.

Thank you for the help!
I’ll try software monitoring with CDC.

I do stand corrected. I definitely thought the video dealt with hardware low latency monitoring. :blush:

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This is the most popular feature request of all time in the category: “Features that Cubase Has” :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Glenn tells it like it is. Thanks Glenn.

Would be nice to have this monitoring feature without the need to use constrain delay compensation