0% reduction in Automation panel to be really Zero reduction

when we record with 0% reduction why does cubase reduce without my selected criteria? that is why this request.
0 % reduction should mean no “dithering” should be happening but that it’s not what happens. Cubase makes a big reduction on the automation data anyway.


Can you post a pic, or change your cubase lengua to ingles and say it in ingles porfavor?

Yo no comprende, amigo…:wink:

ok i’ll edit. Fair :smiley:


Ok, yo comprende las parablas , pero no comprende el contexto:p

Record? -> record audio into cubase , or audio mixdown or what?
Dithering? -> dithering is only for changing bits…?! 24->16 bits etc…

Im sorry, i am trying to help you but please explain it a bit better:) (if you want;))

Thank you! Example:

in Automation Panel: Automation reduction is set at 0%
a track is on Write mode.

Then we write some automation for that track.

The result: the Written automation is “dithered” or not accurate and does not reflect a 0% reduction on what has been written. It’s a “squared” version of what should have been written.

Do you get what i mean? if you have a better title and way of saying what i mean please do so.

All the best (y)

I see now.

Do you want automation points one plank distance from the last? lol

You must be making some very fast movements!:wink:

maybe the resolution of your controller is not writing automation faster? …maybe? Im not sure … But… your request is clear now- and maybe others can help too now;)

All the best to you too:)

it does happen independently if it’s by controller or by moving a parameter with the mouse. It does not need to be moved fast to ear the musical changes which are gone after writing. :slight_smile: it’s like hitting the keyboard notes and they are hard quantized for a beat instead of sixteenth