!00% update for me

Great update! I notice an overall speed enhancement… like they added a nitro canister. I simply installed as admin and everything went smooth.

I kinda wonder what they could add that would make me want Cubase 9.

Working great for me too. Motif Rack XS Editor working too. No crashes on startup and shutdown. No ASIO spikes. So far very nice. Thank you Steinberg.

Same here, ASiO overloading projects running smooth now, and thanks Steiny for the full window mixer on 2nd screen fix, that was really annoying :slight_smile:

Well, they could fix all the remaining bugs :mrgreen:

Still having the same weird/intermittent start-up issues here
but I find using ‘Safe Start Mode’ to be an effective ‘work-a-round’.

‘other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play’? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Luvin’ this CP8 app.

No more ASIO spikes. Performance highly improved. Great update.

Which are you experiencing still?

I have no issues. Seems like a perfectly working daw. First I have ever had.

Everything smooth as silk… ASIO performance works perfect as expected, all plug-ins loaded, and seems that the performance is a bit better. It was already good, but now is better. Thanks SB. Keep the good things happening, and remenber that we, the users, are important… not just a bunch of persons that buy random stuff… :slight_smile: