01V96i not detected in StudioManager by Cubase 6.5

I have the latest drivers, the latests software. Studio Manager works fine in standalone mode but when I launch Cubase, /Peripherics / StudioManager, it launch anothe session of SM without my 01V96i in the Workspace. My midi ports are correctly configured. I became mad !!! Please thanks for your help. (Win7-64b, Cubase 6.5.3, SM231, 01V edito v.1006)

I and a few others are having the same problem, it has been reported to Yamaha but as usual no response from them.
Each time you load a new project you have to load a new instance of Studio Manager, best bet here is to save a template with studio manager installed. Once a project has been saved with studio manager it should then open when you reload it.
If you cannot sync when you load studio manager then the problem will be in your settings, also do not sync with midi channel 1 as the 01v96i sends out continous midi data on this channel and you can actually see it in cubase when you record midi, best to use midi channel 8 and keep it that way.
hope this helps

Just a thought if you dont know the settings between Studio master and cubase let me know and i will write them down for you

Hi guys are you running windows 7 64bit by any chance?

i have this mixer and upgraded to windows 7 64bit and thought it was me doing something wrong, i didnt have many people to speak to as not many people have this mixer and set up which was annoying. i did however speak to yamaha on the phone and they were very help full.

i spoke to cubase who said everything works fine, which was not correct!

i then managed to speak to a tech guy at yamaha who was very helpfull, they tested it on 32 bit windows and it worked fine then they tested it on 64 bit windows and it the same problem as me. the 01v96i device was not recognised.

It is a problem and they are aware of it and are fixing it and have been doing so for a number of months so i guess its a case of just waiting for the updates guys… very annoying.

in the meantime i put windows 32 bit on my computer and have been using the mixer with cubase perfectly , the device works fine on 32 bit so until they fix it this is your best option.

i hope this has helped

Thank you very much all,
I triedeverythung. My configuration is OK (midi ports, devices…) But it doesn’t work. :imp:
I hope Yamaha / Steinberg will fix this issue (just because of 64 bits) asap.
Thanks to all two.

is it 64 bit windows that you have been trying to get this working on?

Yes. Windows 64 bits and Cubase 64 bits.
Previously, my Studio Manager on Windows XP (32) worked fine (with the possibility to save the 01V96 config in the Cubase Project)

Any news on this

I’m still struggling to get this working I thought if i was really lucky the update to 7 would help but no joy.
How naive does anybody from Stindberg care to add anything ? i,e progress on the fix.
I’m a more than a little annoyed after all the banging on about integration from Strindberg and Yamaha its the half the reason I bought the 01V96I.


Hi Parky,
i received a response by Steinberg (very :imp: ). For Steinberg, the problem should be resolved by Yamaha (the same Firm it seems… no ? ) And Steinberg CAN’T make the work in the place of Yamaha.
It seems there is some tension or reckoning between Stainberg and Yamaha. It’s not the problem of the consumers. :exclamation: