02 - !! HAL...Sonic SE !!


I have just downloaded Dorico 3 and there is no audio playing. I think this may be because in the “VST Instruments” section I have the following:

02 - !! HAL…Sonic SE !!

when according to the troubleshooting video it should be “HALion Sonic SE”.

Is this the problem? The “Dorico Beep” option works when I select that instead of “02 - !! HAL…Sonic SE !!” both in Write and Play tabs.

(Content deleted - see Ulf’s post below)

Sorry, but Rob is actually wrong, HALion Sonic SE does get installed along with Dorico. The big sounds installer really only contains sound contents files. So I recommend to let the Dorico installer run again.
If that does not solve the issue, please do in Dorico ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. That creates silently a zip file on the desktop, please attach it here. Thanks

Thanks. Working now.