02R96 - control more than 24 channels?

Hi, group-

I’m controlling Nuendo 6 with a Yamaha 02R96, and its Remote layer lets me control 24 Nuendo channels. Anybody know how to get it to scroll the group of channels, so I can control channels above 24? I read in another forum that it’s possible using the 02R’s user defined keys, but I’ve tried assigning several functions that looked like they might do it, and they don’t.

Anybody have experience getting this working between Nuendo 6 and the 02R?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!


Hi Mark,

Mine shifts 8 channels using number 2 and 3. It shifts 1 channel at a time using 10 and 11. Number 9 brings up the mixer window.

I think these functions are fixed, so you can’t change them to something else.

Does that help?



Interesting. If you have time to check, can you hit the “display” button in the User Defined Keys section, and see what functions are showing in the table for the keys you mentioned? I would love to have this feature!

Thank you,


Like I said: I’m pretty sure they’re fixed. You can only change the function of the User Defined Keys while not in Remote Mode. I did check for you though, but none of the functions I described are shown in the Display tab.

From the manual:

When 02R96 is used to remotely control Nuendo, the following User Defined Keys have
permanently assigned functions:
UDEF 1: Open or closes the VST Mixer window
UDEF 2: Switches On/Off Automation READ for all Nuendo channels
UDEF 3: Switches On/Off Automation WRITE for all Nuendo channels
UDEF 9: Scrolls channels down in banks of 8
UDEF 10: Scrolls channels up in banks of 8
Other User Defined Keys (UDEF 4-8 and 12-16) can be programmed by the user to
control various Nuendo functions. These functions can be selected in the DEVICE
SETUP of Nuendo, by selecting “YAMAHA 02R96 V2” and choosing the Setup tab.

Mine are set up differently. I don’t know why…

What version 02R96 are you running?


That makes sense, thanks for clarifying. I was only able to edit the keys when not in the Remote layer, as you said. The PDF of the manual on Yamaha’s site doesn’t seem to have this info, which would be why I missed it. I did Google part of the text you pasted (so I could see it in context), and found it in Yamaha’s FAQ section!

I’m using an 02R96 v2, with the latest firmware, and both Studio Manager and the 02R MIDI driver are the latest, as of about a month ago. Using it on Mac OS X Mavericks.

I will give this a look when I’m next in the studio. Thanks for your help!


And mine works exactly as you described (not as the FAQ says).

UDEF 1 doesn’t seem to do anything
UDEF 2-3 scroll in banks of 8
UDEF 9 toggles the mixer
UDEF 10-11 scroll one channel at a time

I wish there were some visual confirmation of what’s where when scrolling. In the VST mixer, channels 1-24 have a white bar near the bottom above the scribble strip… I was hoping that was a “remote” indicator and that it would move while scrolling through channels. Well, you can’t have everything! I’m just thrilled to be able to address the additional channels.

@Martijn, thank you for your help.


Hi Mark,

Try pressing ‘CHANNEL’ in the REMOTE screen on the 02R. It’ll give you the channel numbers and their names. It updates itself when you scroll through the channels :slight_smile:


Brilliant! Double thanks.

You’re welcome!