0line staff crashing

Hi all,
I downloaded the ‘0line.xml’ instrument by Leo Nicholson (thanks!!) and it was always working great.
However, if I try to edit anything with the 0line instrument in Dorico (what a number!), Dorico crashes.
I tried importing existing flows with the instrument, I tried creating it as a new instrument, but it seems to be a bug.
Any ideas on how to solve this? I really rely on the 0line for worksheets for my students. Right now my workaround is the good old wood block 1 line substitute, but it does look less nice.

I was curious, so I just tried. And it works. What kind of edit causes Dorico to crash?
Here’s my saved file, maybe it can help you go on with your work?

0line + piano.dorico (872,1 Ko)

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If you have a crash, then you need to submit a Diagnostic Report, or a crash log, at least.

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Ah great, that seems to work!
Nevermind then :slight_smile: