1.1.20 version still have problem with drum loops in tracks

I just downloaded the new version 1.1.20 and i see this issue is not yet fixed.

Groove Agent drum Pattern not getting added to the bar properly and not playing in the proper timing set. Weird timing. Sometimes I don’t hear the sound also.

When i closed and reopened the project, the pattern fits the bar, but drums is totally messed up.


Attaching the project here.
TestProj.zip (71.0 KB)

This same issue was mentioned in Midi track looping issue - #24 by musicullum, but didn’t receive any attention, that why created a new thread.

… hm. I’ve opened the project. Yes, the drum groove is not tight. Was the clip created with GA? How can I reproduce it? Did you drag a pattern-pad to VST Live? Which one? Which kit?

Thank you,

Yes i dragged a pattern from Groove Agent 5 into VST Live.

See below the pattern highlighted, that’s the one I used for testing…

Hi @tmat,

the beat, sound and pattern is totally weird, yes. I have found out the cause of it. Have a look to the MIDI data of your “Main 3” clip. There are A#0 note events. Those events will trigger the “Hihat Shank” Instrument and (!) the “Fill 6” Pattern of Groove Agent. You need to activate an own MIDI Port for the PATTERN section (P Button) to avoid to trigger the pattern section with the beat.


… that’s a bug, yes. Will fixed in the next update.


By activating the MIDI port, that issue is fixed.

Where you able to replicate the patter not giving any sound issue?
Try playing the track in a loop and hit the Stop(image), wait for a while (minimum 2 sec) and then hit play (image) and see if you can replicate the issue.

Playing pattern in a loop:

Found and fixed with the next version, thanks!