1.1.42 Issues with Midi-File Import

I got some issues when I import a midi-file (exported from cubase):

  • I always get the dialog “This midi file also contains lyrics. Do you want to add a lyric track?”. But there aren’t any lyrics included in the midi file.

  • Then VSTLive creates an empty midi track. When I draw an event and click undo, the original midi event appears.

  • All imported program change values and channel no. are decreased by -1
    Edit: I’ve just noticed, that VSTLive counts every value from 0. So channel 0 is channel 1! Is this an issue?

ZeitP.mid (151 Bytes)

… that’s fixed with an upcoming update.

… fixed.

… we’ll analyse it and we will return.

Thank you,

MIDI data are usually seen “as is”, or “binary”. There is no channel 16, because channels are 4 bits and can count nothing but 0 to 15.
However, human beeings like to start counting from 1, so many programs display MIDI Channels as 1 to 16. That is quite ok, but a matter of taste. IMHO, when you deal with raw MIDI data, it’s better to be consistent - for instance, Bank select are still counted 0 to 127, but program change (which likewise, and as all MIDI data, sends 0 to 127) are often displayed as 1 to 128.