[] DMX events are inserted at the wrong position

Found a bug in the DMX editor. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Double click on a DMX track item to open the editor
  2. Click on a channel number to select it for editing in the graph zone
  3. Switch to the edit cursor and click in the graph zone to place a DMX data point
  4. A point appears at the clicked point on the graph (subject to snap settings)
  5. Switch to the Select cursor and drag a box around the new point to select it
  6. The Start time in the Data Point Variables Pane displays a different timestamp to where the point appears on the graph (see image below)
  7. Start playback. Observe DMX message being sent at the timestamp indicated in the Data Point Variables Pane, not at the time shown on the graph

Expected behaviour:

  • The timestamps that DMX data points are shown at and are played back at is uniform across the application


After selecting a newly-created DMX data point, manually setting the correct Start time in the Data Point Variables Pane causes subsequent selections of the point to show the correct start time and the DMX event to be triggered at the correct time

Image shows DMX data point inserted at 48.4.1 shown as having a Start time of 49.2.1

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… I can confirm it. The clip has an offset. That’s the problem. Please avoid clip-offset with the current version. We’ll fix it.



Well spotted, the clip does indeed have an offset! Must have done it by accident as I didn’t know that was a thing you could even do (I’m not a Cubase user)

It happens when you extend (or set in) an event at the beginning (drag it somewhere).

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Ah yes, that’s exactly what I did!

… fixed. next update.

Thank you for pointing us to that bug.,

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Amazing, thank you for getting it sorted so quickly!