As previuos versions, a still issue:

1 a project with some groups with some fx (effect groups).
2 a song where in the mixer i put two or three send to my groups (fx)
3 save a song. save a project.
4 import the song previosly saved, into the same project (meaning the same groups as created).
5 the song forget the names of the send into the mixer (but remain active and with the level and the pre-post option as saved setting)
6 sometimes appears ok, the first time, but jump to another song and come back, the sends disappear as “nc”

can you fix? It’s important to import song saved with the same fx send track to a project with the same groups (as default reverbs, i.e. (or aux out).

Saving the project, it remember, if you import the LOAD CHANNELSETTING every time, to restore the send… , but we are speaking to save a SONG (more song sharing the same groups)


So that‘s with Songs/Save Song and Load Song? Will check.

A Song, when saved, is a closed entity, it has “lost” its project. So it also lost connections to the objects that are not contained within, for instance send targets (Groups, or Outs that its channels send to). It might work when imported into the same project that it was saved from, will check if that is possible. But if you save a Song and load it into a different project, how should it know what channels it had sent to? Group/Out Channels have an ID which is created when the channel is created, but the Song assets (Layer or Stack Channels) search for a different ID (of the project mixer they were saved from) and fail to find those. Human beeings have a different kind of thinking, you say "this is a Group Channel called “Delay”, but a name is not sufficient as an identifier which channel sends require to find their targets.
Will check what can be done.

Ok thanks. I’m agree that “song” is a closed entity, and so on. That’s right.
But I ask to myself, what are the meaning to have a SEND function into that mixer, in this kind of software?
It is not a DAW. But again What is the other sense to have a SEND ? Only to use when I have created the project with all songs inside? Recall song by song and put the send for what?

Of course we need to build a standard project, in order to use group/fx for all songs created with the same criterion.

thanks again for what you can do.

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When there is a channel to send to :slight_smile:
As said, a saved Song does not have that channel. The channel that belongs to the project, not to the Song. Group and Out channels are global. If there is no more project, the Song channels (Layers, Stacks etc) don’t know where to send, they lost their context. Even more so do saved/loaded Parts, Layers, and Stacks.
We will try to find a way to identify channels which are from a different project. Say you name your Group channel “Delay” because you use it as a delay fx channel. The imported Song sends don’t find their target channel, and search for a channel with that name. Sounds ok, but will certainly at some point lead to complaints…but probably better in most cases, and should work for your case. Will try.

It would be nice to be able to save a template of the Output Mixer settings. I use independent outputs for each instrument, and various group configurations, with assigned effects. Every time I start a new project I have to configure all the outputs again. With a Mixer Output preset it would be solved.
Sorry for my English

Sería buenopoder guardar un template de las configuraciones del Mixer de Salidas . Yo uso salidas independiantes para cada instrumento, y varias configuraciones de grupos, con efectos asignados. Cada vez que comienzo un nuevo proyecto, tengo que configurar todas las salidas nuevamente. Con un preset de Mixer Output se solucionaría.

You could create a project with our mixer settings, save it, and use that as a template, no?

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You’re right. Made.

The next version will save the name of the send target (if any) for every send. If the target cannot be found (as happens with Load Song), it will search the mixer for a Group or Out channel with that name. Hope that helps.


Thanks a lot for your job, i will check the new version for that, when available.

TRIED WITH A NEW PROJECT, with the same names of the groups, same order.

Doesn’t work. Wrong names or n/c.

the songs (or parts or stacks) works only on original project, and a empty copy of this.

  • new project
  • mixer: add Group
  • rename Group to “mygroup”
  • add send of “Song1” channel to “mygroup”
  • save Song “mysong”
  • exit, restart
  • new project
  • add Group, rename to “mygroup”
  • load Song “mysong”
  • send to “mygroup” is there

Does that work for you?
If so, you need to provide specific step-by-step instructions for us to reproduce it, else it’s wild guessing. Try to minimize your repro to fewer steps.

I tried the same routine as you, but NOT SEND FROM A SONG CHANNEL, BUT SEND FROM A STACK CHANNEL.

I never tried with song channel, not making sense for me to send to a group.

It’ s STACK CHANNEL i need to send to more groups as reverb or other fx.

Tried yours, with song channel.

You have to save the project, and the song (i prefer to use a project folder, not the local folder, so i have to save the project).

When you reload the saved project, and try to re load the song, it doesn’t work.

* new project
  • mixer: add Group
  • rename Group to “mygroup”
  • add send of “Song1” channel to “mygroup”
  • save Song “mysong” (into the folder of the prj)
  • exit, restart
  • new project
  • add Group, rename to “mygroup”
  • load Song “mysong”
  • send to “mygroup” is NOT there, IT goes to SEND “OUT”

SAME THING IF YOU ADD A STACK, and put the send to the group, same routine.

After saving prj, it doesn’t works, when you RE-LOAD THE SONG WHEN YOU RE-OPEN THE PRj.

now tried with new 1.1.63, the same.

If you re-load the 2nd prj, one time it works. but if you import again the song into the prj, it doesn’t works.

Seems something wrong in saving and re-loading project, that breaks the research of the target group.

There is no such item "PROJECT " there.
You mean Song? But then you would have to drag or save the Song beforehand. But you do that in the next step…
It’s not that we don’t beleive you, but still couldn’t reproduce it. We found something else though which may be related.

Found the problem, will be fixed with the next version. It will work with Songs you already saved, too. Thanks for your repro!

I mean the switch , down at the right, LOCAL-PROJECT . If you use a DIFFERENT FOLDER TO SAVE, you must save the PROJECT,and only then, you can switch into PROJECT.

BUt what i mean/need is:
Built my project, with my groups, and more songs made with send to those groups. And saved, all in a own folder (NOT IN LOCAL FOLDER).

Then, supposing I want to re-built a NEW PROJECT, with the SAME GROUPS (same name) of the original, empty. I save this empty project (but with the groups), in the same own folder of the original. It seems Just a new empty (of song) copy.

Now I want to import into this new similar project the SONGS PREVIUSLY SAVED with the original.

That’s it.

(I made a copy of the originally project to have some back up, empty of song, to build new similar project. and of course, it works. BUT, supposing i want/need to re-built the project with the same groups (standard for my songs), and re-import the old songs?).

But I’m now see you have just found, and understood, so hoping you have fixed.

Thanks for your job.

I’m starting now to use vstlive officially on my first little concert-streaming today 5.p.m. on twitch, planning to go live, more days a week.

So i’m trust this software will going well!

Yes, I think that should do.

Of course we do our best to make it trustworthy. But you should always test the version you intent to go live with beforehand thoroughly - but I guess you knew that already :slight_smile:

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