hi @Spork ,
Switching on laptop. Loading project (the same I archived to you in PM), hit space for play, PLAYing
hit space for stop, playhead stopped as requested, and program hung again. Closing App from taskmanager.
Repeat → same result.
Repeat → started screen rec → play/stop repeatedly went smoothly, working nicely, closing App.
Repeat → started screen rec → reproduced the issue again (video attached below).

Opening same project again, clicked for preload function. Preloaded. Hit space for PLAY, hit space for STOP … App hanging again… (the same way as the video above)

It obviously freezes at the very moment the video track event is about to play.
Can you pls a) confirm no freeze when you delete the video track beforehand, and b) let us know what kind of video it is? Could you ever play (and view) that video with VST Live? Thanks for helping!

Hi @musicullum ,
there wasn’t any video file in that song when last saturday I was facing with the issue in real life situation. I put the video file in the archive you guys were asked me to send. I attached the video file to the project not just for this thread but replying to your previous answer as:

Please find the video in the “slim sized test project” that I archived, packed and PM’d - maybe to @Spork 's account - a few days ago, but I can send it to you directly again if it’s easier to you.

Can you pls a) confirm no freeze when you delete the video track beforehand…

Checked right now! (turning laptop on, opening App, loading test project, deleting video file, hit space for play, hit again for stop → HANGing.
Interesting thing that I could catch now: when hit space (or clicking stop with mouse), playhead stops (but transport bar PLAY remains GREEN). App is alive now. The moment it’s changing to “not responding” state is coming with next mouse click.
See video below:
started screen rec, deleting video, hit PLAY.
After hit stop, transport bar was still showing PLAY btn green.
let some time you to see, the playhead and counter is stationary, transport indicating PLAY state… Now just clicking once with mouse to any random neutral place → that is the moment where mouse arrow is changing to blue-circle.

Video name: "the next any click/any key “after hitting STOP is the killer moment”

Will check to get the project.

But your video shows the counter stopping when you hit the Stop button, no?

Not in this video, right? Anyway, let me check that project first.

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Yes, counter stops, PLAY btn remains green. At this point when clicking/typeanykey just anytime, App gets in “not-responding” state with blue-circle-mouse-pointer.

Exactly you can see the moment in the video above:

  • clicking STOP btn first in 00:12
  • waiting (PLAY btn remains green, playhead and counter stopped. I’m moving mouse to show you app hangs between ok and not-ok state)
  • clicking on STOP btn again at 00:23, you can see a quick glitch followed by the blue-circle-mouse-pointer immediatelly.
  • all above ending with white-faded UI… no return from it. The only solution is to close App manually.

I can load and run your project w/o problems.
There is one pecularity I found: some ports refer to “X-LIVE ASIO”, others to “Generic Low Latency Asio Driver”. Just figured that the latter may possibly cause problems, will certainly check that.
But I assume you just use X-LIVE, right? Maybe try to delete all ports in “Devices/Connections” that are not used, and make sure the others point to the X_LIVE.

One more thing I noticed is a strange routing I found (s. picture). It shouldn’t cause a problem, but the output of “GBL-LeadVC” is routed to Group1, the additional send (albeit deactivated) is redundant at best.
As said, this should not cause problems, but if the problem persists you might want to check all of your routings, and for testing, remove channels, MIDI etc until the problem is possibly gone so to find the culprit.


Hi @musicullum ! Generic Low Latency started working from the last 1-2versions you’ve released, VSTLive jumps to it when just starting app w/o connecting any of my external sound devices.

Regarding X-LIVE, I only have UAD TB and AUDIENT USBC devices additionally using Madiface when playing with complex multi-out backing tracks. This laptop didn’t see X-LIVE in its life.

you’re right, I left is so. I wanted transfer my “live” project make primary on VSTLive. but there are things are missing jet… Deleted route for now…:wink:

Hi! Preparing a projectfile to a rehearsal sunday to a group. Facing with these:

I hope the video files are helpful to see much quicker :slight_smile:

Hi @fkalmus,

Yes, sorry, We’ll fix it.

… oh, yes. All selected events should be resized. We’ll add it.

… but I have difficulty to reproduce that one. You can always reproduce it?


Hi @Spork ! Can you please confirm, your question is if I can always reproduce “Pull event start at multi-select issue”?

… arg, sorry. I was talking about you last point. I cannot reproduce that one :


No problem:) I checked it now (19:48CET) and fortunately/unfortunately I coudn’t reproduce the issue again that didn’t allow me to reorder Tracks in song by dragging.

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