1.1.60 MIDI Track sends unwanted CC# messages

I use a separate MIDI Track in all my songs for switching rigs and slots at my Kemper Amp by sending CC# messages via MIDI Out at my hardware interface. This works generally fine.

But when a song, containing a MIDI track, becomes selected 2 unwanted MIDI events are sent:
CC#7 Main Volume Data: 63
CC#10 Pan Data: 63

This causes the Kemper Amp to reduce the volume and change the audio balance!
So, it makes the Amp control by MIDI from VSTLive unusable on stage.

How can I switch off sending the unwanted CC# MIDI events?
Is it a bug in VSTLive?

Wouldn’t call it a bug. The track sends volume and pan when activated (when the Song is selected). Imagine you send volume to some Instrument, and then change to another Song with different volume but the same Instrument, you want the Instrument to take on the new volume. Same with Pan.
With the next version, we will only send volume and pan if you ever touch it, or when a loaded track has volume or pan different from default. This state (“touched”) will also be saved.

I understand the idea in sending Volume and Pan when a song becomes selected.
I think the easiest and most flexible way is to implement this feature like this:

  1. Let the user define the default values for Volume and Pan as preferences. Send these values as you do it now, if the user enables it.

  2. Implement a software switch On/Off for:
    On: Enable automatic sending Volume and Pan CC#
    Off: Disable it (this would be the best for external Amplifier controlling. Every unwanted CC# causes problems).

It will work like with Layers, which default to “NOT SET” - and that’s what we did for the next version. Unless you change either value, it will not send MIDI. Later then you will be able to ctrl/click to reset to that default.