1.1.65 DMX sliders are gone

After the update, I’ve lost the slider parts.
Weird, right?

Weird indeed. We already found and fixed it for the next version, thanks for reporting!

Well… what do I do in the meantime? Kinda need these.

Hi @jakdracula, the faders are back in V1.1.66. Grab the Pre-Release here


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Thanks - yup- that fixed it, however, the ‘choose a channel’ bit is gone.
If I want to click on “channel 1” - where I’m to choose a channel to draw in my DMX commands:

You can see Channel 1.

After clicking on “channel 1” so that I might move to a different channel, it’s a big long white square:

… argh, I see. Thank you. It’s fixed now and ready for the next update.

Thank you,