1.1.65 feature request

  1. Please add Shared Stacks, it´s so easy to work with shared layers…and vital for this kind of App.
  2. When creating a new Stack insert preset if I try to use it in another stack instance with that plugin already loaded I can´t see it, I have to eliminate that insert and open it again.
  3. Presets and User presets in right windows do not work, can´t drag them.
  4. “e” button to the right of stack inserts has always been too small, it´s difficult to access the instrument GUI, there´s a lot of space to change the instrument and very little to edit it.
  5. Please add a button to empty a Stack insert slot.

How would that be supposed to work?

There are actually no “Shared Layers”, only Shared Instruments. Several Layers can send to the same Instrument (plugin) by using different MIDI channels. Also a Layer has just one such plugin, while Stacks can have up to six.
You might consider a shared “Inserts Stack”, but that wouldn’t make much sense, because my guitar probably has very different processing needs than my vocal mic has. A “Shared Stack” makes no sense as it would have a “Shared Input” - that would then simply be a global Stack (a Stack in the Global Part).
But may be you have different approaches not covered by that?
Will reply to your other points later. However, about 5 - just select (nc), no?

… fixed. Next Update.

… fixed. Next Update.

… are you talking about the “e” button? That’s too small?

See you,

yes, the “e” button, thanks.

by Shared stacks I mean be able to copy a stack with inserts and if you modify any parameter in an insert plugin or volume or pan that would be replicated to the copied stack.
Is it possible to do this with global stacks? I don´t see any “global” symbol in stacks, if I copy a stack to another song and make changes to one those changes are not replicated.

Menu Part/Create Global Part. Stacks that you create inside the Global Part are…well, global :slight_smile:

ok, then I was missunderstanding the concept what it´s global is the part not the stack.
Anyways, I tested it and it doesn´t achieve what I requested: if I insert a global part in some songs and modify one of them the changes are not reflected in the other songs, or am I still missing something?
What I want is to get the same as shared layers: want to copy a stack to several songs and if I modify one of them I get them all modified, how do I do this?.

There is only one Global Part.

Create Global Part. You can (and need to) do this only once.
Make sure the topmost “Global” is selected in the playlist to the left. Now add as many Stacks as you want, all of these will be “shared” across the entire project.
Then select any Song so that “Global” is no more activated. You will only see Stacks that belong to the selected Song initially, these are not “shared”. To see the Stacks of the Global Part at any time, select the “Global” item in the Stacks view (also available in the Layers view, btw.). You will now see both Stacks of the Global Part, and those belonging to the selected Song only. The first have a different visual pattern to distinguish them from the Song Stacks.

There are no shared Layers either. There are only shared Instruments.
See, a Layer has one Instrument (plugin). The signal flow is MIDI (!) Input, modified by Layer controls (volume, transpose etc) and propagated to the Instrument. Multitimbral Instruments can be addressed by up to 16 MIDI channels, so it makes sense to share those, as they can be used from multiple sources, and even multiple Layers (“processors”).
For Stacks, this makes no sense, for one because they have up to 6 plugins, and also because you usually don’t want the same processing for a vocal mic that you apply to a guitar input. But you can use “Shared Stacks” using the Global Part and its Stacks.

Hope that makes it clear.

it´s clearer now, thanks, now I know how to handle global parts, but:

  1. I don´t see a different visual pattern on global ones, just a globe icon to the right of the name.
  2. what if I don´t want a global stack in some songs?
    To be totally clear let say I need 3 guitar configurations (different effects) for the whole setlist: stacks A, B and C. Let say I need stack A for song1; stacks A,B and C for different parts in song2 and stacks B and C for song 3.
    IF I need to modify stack A for all instances in all songs, how do I do it? is there a way in which I can modify it in one of the parts and the changes are replicated to all instances?
    I can´t use stack A as global cause it would appear in every song.


Upper is global.

As for 2: you describe a complex scenario, so just copy/paste Stacks where you want them, and alter (or not) as you like, what’s wrong with that?

why you say complex scenario? isn´t what everybody do to have 2 or 3 stacks and use them in most songs?
I can copy stacks but if I copy it to 2 or 3 parts per song I may have 20 or more copies of the same stack in a setlist so if I need to modify it I have to save changes, delete all instances and add it again to 20 parts?
It´s like Cubase “shared copies” concept, you modify one so you don´t have to modify 20.

Yes and no. All you appear to want to do differently from the current concept is to disable some or all “Global Stacks” within a Song (or even better, Part), correct? That would be an interesting idea. But maybe I’m still missing something else?

well, there can be just one global part right? if it could contain all the “global” stacks and I could disable any of these stacks for any part on any song that would accomplish my request, it´s not so clean but sounds nice.