1.1.65 MIDI Layer Volume and Pan bug

In a MIDI Layer
if the value for Volume is set, the value for Pan automatically becomes the same as Volume.
This happens when you select an other song and return to the Layer or
after Save and Quit and restart VSTLive.

Volume=0 causes Pan=L63 (0)
Volume=127 causes Pan=R63 (127)
Even a Pan NOT SET state will be overwritten.
That means Pan is not independed from Volume!

I think this is a software bug.

Cannot reproduce this at all. Can you provide a step-by-step recipe?

  • new project
  • set Layer controls to MIDI
  • change volume and pan
  • add Song
  • set Layer controls to MIDI
  • change volume and pan
  • select Song 1
  • change volume or pan: no change of either other
  • all ok?

How do you get there? Are you using shared Instruments? Is your Layer connected to a track? Any other differences?

In my Songs I only use these Tracks:

Signature (optional when needed)
Tempo (optional when needed)
Audio (1 or more tracks)
Midi (direct to Midi Output 1 without a LAYER - for DMX Light controller software)
Midi (to a Midi LAYER and from there to Midi Output 2 - for Hardware Amplifier control)

I do not use any LAYER with software instuments.

Go to the Midi Layer
Change VOLUME (by slider)
Change INSTRUMENT (to the same or different output)
Watch PAN !!! It will change to the same value as VOLUME.

The same happens if you restart VSTLive after saving.

Found it, it was a copy/paste error. Thank you so much for finding and reporting! Will of course be fixed with the next version.

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