1.1.65 MIDI Monitor listing events behaviour?

Hi! I can’t decide if it’s a bug or a feature for viewing listed events in MIDI monitor. If clicking to any value listed by MIDI monitor, it starts rolling from that point. It means, it looks tricky to scroll back to listed values as they aren’t then in “timeline” order. If a feature, I can resist to touch any value of course.

It‘s a monitor… what do you expect or want to achieve? But it does sound like a bug, so we‘ll have a look.

Best is to use an external Midi Monitor
e.g. MidiView from Haute Technique.
It’s freeware for Window and macOS and it works really fine.

Hi @musicullum ! Yes, that meight be some sort of bug. I would expect chronoligical ordering of MIDI events and it seems, clicking / touching on any event breaks chronological ordering and creates a break point there and starts “inserting” new events at that line, instead of put new data to the very end of the event list.

@RonBlack I love the idea that the developer team took care about built-in MIDI event monitor, saving time for users avoiding the need for hunt / install / open 3rd party apps for quickly narrowing any connected MIDI instrument/controller related questions. I personally would give a “well done” for this. The tiny thing above - that I found and is a question for me - is just absolutely ok with a young app, like VSTLive and I’m sure they will have a look on it as they get there :slight_smile:

Also you can not observe the internal Virtual Midi ports with an external Midi Monitor :slight_smile:
We have improved the MIDI Monitor with the next version and also fixed the mouse selection bug.

furthermore different apps used to gain exclusive access over MIDI port for monitoring, therefore have to release ports to give access over the specific MIDI port from one application to the other. So I agree, and I love the built-in MIDI Monitor very much.

Can’t wait the upcoming updates, thank you very much :slight_smile: