1.1.67 File Locations

So I created a brand new project with 1.1.67 & imported the media project from Cubase for one song. When I look at the folders in that project (after saving & closing), every folder is my project is empty (layer parts songs & stacks). When I save the project as an archive to copy the project to the laptop I want to use for running the show, the project in the archive folder has files in the folders, & there are more folders (arrange audio signature tempo & video).

Why is the archive project file structure different to the original project file structure? And how does the original project structure link to the files that it puts into the archive version. I will need to copy between my main project on my home computer & the archive folder on my production laptop…bit concerned to understand why there is a difference between the two…can you explain?

You can select whether files should be copied to the destination during export from Cubase, there is a switch at the bottom of the export dialog.

Right, Save Archive copies all assets to the destination along with the project, so you have everything you need to copy or move it elsewhere.

See above. If you import to a new project and you have Edit/Preferences/Studio/Import: Copy Files To Project activated, files from the exported Media Project will be copied.

Personally, I make sure that all my assets (recordings, imports etc) are saved to my project folder. Also watch out for Media Bay, at the bottom there is a Local/Project switch, set to “Project” to ensure all presets etc are saved to your project directory. Then you can copy and move back and forth.
But I also don’t see any problems using the Archive function in the same way. Export to Archive, work on other machine, export Archive there and copy back to the first machine, where you have renamed the old folder for backup, or just replace if you’re confident. Does that not work for you?

One more thing, as you ask for the difference: the Archive directory has all assets (incl. audio and video files) copied to the chosen destination; your local project directory however may not contain all assets, for instance, if you export from Cubase and “Copy files” is not ticked, then audio files etc will refer to those used by Cubase and thus are outside of the VST Live project folder that you exported to, and those would be missing if you just copied and transfered the VST Live project folder…

Appreciate the feedback @musicullum …I can’t prove it now but I am 99% sure I had the Copy Files selected during export from Cubase. I just did a fresh export of one track using 1.1.67. When I compare it to my export using 1.1.65, there are some differences. The new version seems to not put files inside a Gig folder, & in some cases has no Gig folder…

I don’t know if the removal of the Gig folder between 1.1.65 & 1.1.67 is a bug or a design change. I know I was going crazy about a week ago finding that the tempo & signature files seemed to be not making it into VST Live when I imported from Cubase

Correct. Is there a problem with that?

No, but that was one of the differences I had seen. I’m about to start programming all of the DMX for the lights & don’t want to have to rebuild the project. Should be fine.