1.1.67 Major bug on Actions and Shortcuts

I’m using a MIDI foot controller to select songs and start/stop the selected song.
The foot controller sends a “Pgm Change” message from 0 to 9 to select the song.
For Start/Stop it sends a “Controller” message.

VSTLive version 1.1.66 and earlier those actions worked fine without problems.

Since version 1.1.67 any “Pgm Change” message selects the first song only!
So it is not possible to select a song higher then 1 with a MIDI message.

The MIDI-Monitor shows, that the correct messages are received.

… we’ll have a look. Thank you for reporting,

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You are correct, sorry. An improvement elsewhere broke this. MIDI Program Change (and Aftertouch) features only one data byte, all other MIDI Channel Messages have two. But the Action asks for the second (invalid), which was always zero, that’s why always Song 1 is selected. Will be fixed with the next version.

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