1.1.6x - Issue using Song End Marker as Song End Action

When End Marker was set
And Song End Action was set to another value than Continue, i.e. Next Song
=> After saving and reopening the project the song is skipped and next song will be selected immediately

After entering the End Marker again => the song can be played for current session. But after reopening the song again => Same issue happens

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have more than 1 song
  2. Set Song End Action:
    What: Start Next Song
    When: Song End Marker
  3. Set End Marker to some measure
  4. Save
  5. Close and reload the project
  6. Start 1st song
    => Song will be skipped directly without being played, next song starts

See video:

Attached please find the project file for testing:
Liveset2.vlprj.zip (578.5 KB)

… thank you very much! We’ll analyse it,

@Matze_Keys , @Spork : Belive or not I had the same issue from the time of End Marker appeared, just I felt sooo lame myself after experiencing this (guessing, I’m doing wrong smth), I just dropped using end marker :sweat_smile:

Correct, thanks for reporting. Fixed next version.

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