1.1.70 Archived Project Songs Missing Tempo File

That’s different from your previous description.
Thing is, as every possible variant we tried works here, in order to find out what goes wrong at your place, we need to be very picky and specific in describing each step in great detail, otherwise we cannot help.
To recap, there are two distinct file formats, one is vlsprj (with an ‘s’), that is called a media project and is the only format Cubase can export for VST Live. This is read by VST Live via the “Import Media Project” function in the file menu. Assuming we’re clear about that:
After importing this media project, and provided that tempo data are present when archiving, if you now apply “Save Archive” and don’t move, rename or change any files, then copy created folder and move it anywhere, opening the VST Live project (vlprj) file with VST Live always works, regardless of how it was created in the first place (new, or import from Cubase). Even transfering the media project works (you may try that too).
If (or as?) it does not in your place, but we still don’t know what exactly you do, we cannot help.

I suspect that there are side issues that you don’t mention. For instance, maybe the media project that you import has been exported with an older version of VST Live. Or, you are exporting or archiving to folders that already contain data. Or something else gets in the way, you always show larger projects with audio etc; in order to narrow the cause, you need to exclude every possible pitfall and

  • create empty project in Cubase
  • add tempo track and events, nothing else
  • save
  • export via VST Live/Export Media Project into an empty (!) folder
  • close Cubase, open VST Live, new project
  • import media project
  • save Archive.

Whatever I do with saved archive, it will always show tempo track data, on any machine in the world.

Using 1.1.71, I did a test where I created a fresh track with tempo track & exported it from Cubase, imported it into VST Live, archived the project, copied the archive to a new machine & opened the project on the new machine, & the tempo track data was there. I repeated the test using 1 of my existing songs exported from Cubase, & on the new device, the tempo track was there. I then archived my entire existing real project with all of my songs, & when I opened the archive on the new machine, the tempo track data was missing in all of the songs.

I just opened that same archive on the new machine using 1.1.73, & all songs but 1 did have their tempo track data (so only difference was opening the archive with the latest release version).

I installed 1.1.73 on the source machine & recreated the archive using the new version, then copied the archive to the new machine & opened the archive on the new machine. This time, all the songs had tempo data. So it seems that creating a fresh project archive using the latest version (1.1.73) has now resolved the issue, and the tempo track data is displayed in the tempo tracks when the archived project is opened on a different machine to the one that created the archive project. Thank you very much for solving that. I now have the confidence to start programming lights for these songs :grinning:

On a side note, I used VST Live at a show last weekend for the very first time - mostly went well. My USB controller I was using to start & stop tracks did have a hiccup during the show, but I will investigate that further & make any notes in a fresh topic. Despite that, I am very excited to actually start using VST Live in my shows!

Exactly. Thanks for your patience.

Great, let us know how it turned out!