1.1.71 Assign MIDI-Faders to Mixer/Layer

Hi, it’s me again :wink:

I hope you can give me an advice about controlling faders via Midi.
I’m using a cakewalk A-500 Pro Midipiano with integrated controller. Via “lern” function I can map those faders of the device to any faders in VL. OK, so far.
But now I want to map one fader of the device to control an Output Channel of VL - not the main out, in my case it’s “VST-OUT”
However, VL only maps this fader to a Channel-Number of the mixer. But my “VST-OUT”-Channel can be #20 in Song 1, #24 in Song 2, and so on.
Also I want to use the remaining faders of the A500Pro to controll the volume of different instruments (each fader one instrument). But the instruments can also have different channel numbers in different songs.

I tried to controll the volume for the layer, but there is the same problem.
In Song 1 can be a Piano, which I want to control via fader 1,
In Song 2 can be only an organ, which I want to control via fader 2.

So is there any way to assign the faders explicitly?
And is there a way to change the order of the channels in the mixer?

Maybe I’m doing something fundamentally wrong, then I hope for a good advice on how I can do it better. :wink:


We are working on channel reordering which should solve your problem.