1.1.73 - Wrtiting Midi

I don’t know if this topic has already been mentioned, but writing midi in VL is very fiddly.
In the standard setting of a new midi track everything seems ok.
As I change the grid to 1/16, for example and change the view a little bit, there are some issues:

  1. The cursor ( :pen:) is too imprecise. The note does not appear at the tip of the pen, but 2 tones above.
  2. When writing a midi note by mouse click, the note length is sometimes exactly in the grid (e.g. 1/16), but sometimes it is longer, e.g. 3/16 - then it’s not possible to shorten the note by holding and dragging the cursor.
  3. Subsequent editing of the length of an existing note does not work (if it does, how?)
    The only way I found is to change the values ​​in the grid above:
    If I change one of these values, e.g. End:0002.1.1.000 to 0003.1.1.000, only random stuff is happening. Sometimes the note just disappears but it never does what you want it to. :crazy_face:

A side question: If I play a song and pause in the middle of a midi note, is it possible that the note will play again if I continue the song at the same point?

I hope that the midi tracks will be further developed, similar to Cubase, to make the workflow more fun.

Thanks in advance to VL team and community - VL is growing and it’s getting better with each Update!


Implemented with the next version.