1.1.80 clicks on part changes

Hey, i experience clicks and sometimes lags, when triggering parts containing one stack each, which runs the main vocals. It seems when I change the fade in and out settings it’s gone, but only until I restart VST live. Any Suggestions?

Try “File/Preload Parts…” and “Start” after loading the project. Does that help?

the project preloads every time I open it…
there is a checkmark saying “always preload”. Is that what you mean?

Yes and no. Try “Preload Parts” instead of “Preload”. “Always Preload” is to define if the last method (preload, or Preload Parts) should always be applied after loading a project.

It might be easier to check if the problem only occurs immediately after loading a project. If you switch to another Part and then back after a second or so, will it still be clicking? Also maybe you set fade in/out to high values (how did you set it?), if you switch Parts while one Stack is still fading out, it might cause overlapping fade actions.

Finally, it sounds like Preferences/Stacks/Fade In/Out would not be remembered when restarting VST Live in your place, is that what you are saying?

Hey, I tried it quickly and it seems to solve the problem! Will test it further…
Thanks a lot!