1.1.82 ISSUE: wrong value on BANK MSBLSB LAYER: number change n. controller INSTEAD VALUE

check with a midi monitor: NEW BANK VALUE ON LAYER:

0xb0 Controller 9 0 (Contr. 9) Virtual Midi
0xb0 Controller 86 0 (Contr. 86) Virtual Midi
0xc0 Program Change 10 10 Virtual Midi

the bank MSB and LSB, (cc0 and cc32), change the number of control, with 0 value, instead to send a value of cc0 value 0-127 and the same thing for cc 32…

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ouch - changing bank select lsb or msb will change the Layer Controller Map mapping instead of its Send Value. Will be fixed with the next update along with wrong display, sorry.
You can “repair” it by setting the correct values in the Layer Controller Map editor as a workaround until the fix is available.


ok, thank you.