1.1.83 Major bug in Save function

VSTLive crashes while clicking “Save” from the File menue without any Error message.
The project file .vlprj after has the length of 0 bytes.
The project and actual changes are completely lost.

This happened on 2 different Mac’s. In one machine after creating a new track and “Save”, the other machine after modifications on Mixer level and “Save”.
It happens randomly, but it does.

On earlier versions of VSTLive I never faced this problem.
Crashlog file is attached…

vstlive-2023-06-05-205938.ips (32.8 KB)

Hi @RonBlack,

oh! I am so sorry. But you have found the backup file? Before the project will be saved, a “*.vlprj.bak” file will be created. Rename it to “vlprj” and you are done. But your changes are lost. Sorry again.

Does the crash only happens with a specific project? Can you maybe send me your project? I just need the vlprj file.

Thank you,

Hi Michael,
in the attachment you’ll find the backup project file. The main project file has length = 0.
I must rename it without the .bak extension, otherwise I can’t select it in the file dialog.

I have only 1 project for the live set of my band. So, it’s the one and only.

I do all the setup for the show project on my iMac. Then I copy the whole project to my MacBook using while rehersal and this month for the first time on stage. I’m not very religious, but I send a Halleluja … :slight_smile:

Oh, I got the message, that I’m not autorized to upload the .vlprj file.
Please can you enable it for me?

Same happened to me in 1.1.83 when modifying the setlist.
That’s also the reason why I asked for increasing the amount of auto-backups from 1 to 10 :sweat_smile:

Good idea, but I think it’s not the solution :rofl:

… no, that’s not the solution. Can you send me the file to “m.spork (at) steinberg.de”, please.


yes, I will do

… do you have crashlogs, too? Can you give it to me, please?


Didn’t know that there is a crash log, then I should have several to share with you :sweat_smile:
Where are they placed?

… have a look here

Thank you,

It is a good idea to create new versions by “Save As” regularly. Of course nothing should happen with “Save”, but it is a tricky operation, and it’s always good to have some known state in the case of failure (and of course, occasional backup of the latest version at least).
That is no excuse and not meant to be one, but it happened to me several times with other and very sophisticated programs alike.

Diagnostric file

vstlive-2023-06-05-205938.ips (32.8 KB)

I now have ~100 working hours in VST live with ~20 crashes. Currently it’s not the most stable program yet, but is not far away from something like Adobe Premiere :slightly_smiling_face:
However, I still hope the crashes are limited to “preparing stuff” and it will not happen during a live situation.

Manually creating several versions is an annoying task and as a human you tend to avoid those. Even pressing Ctrl+S every 10 minutes can be something you forget :sweat_smile:
That’s why I usually tend to use things like Autosave every x minutes and auto-created bak files.

Losing the 100 hours project file, I would most probably never do music again…

Thank you soooo much for providing your project file, we could reproduce the crash and it will be fixed with the next version.
As said, crashes always have highest priority, so pls. send crash reports whenever it happens, thanks!

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But that is all the more reason to at least occasionally create a backup (or “Save As”, or even better “Save Archive”)…couldn’t sleep without :slight_smile:

I always do backups.
I’ve been working in software developing C++ and C# for more than 20 years, so I know all those problems in program code and C-classes and all this :slight_smile:

@DaOptika, have you found some crash logs?

@RonBlack, we’ve fixed the problem. The next Friday is coming soon. Maybe you can jump back to 1.1.82 for the moment? What was the problem? When a layer …

  • has no INSTRUMENT loaded and
  • has no Midi Track as a MIDI INPUT and
  • CONTROLS is configured to MIDI and
  • MIDI Volume is set to “NOT SET”

… then it will crash while saving. Your “Raggle Taggle Gypsy”, Layer “Live Intro” meets all conditions.


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Still trying to find the logs… I don’t have a “Library” folder under my username. The only thing I could find is:
C:\Users\DaOptika\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps with *.dmp files of Cubase and VST Live.
I also searched for *.ips files in C:\Users\DaOptika without success?!

Michas path is for the mac. For Windows you already found the .dmp files, just send those pls.