1.1.83 : wrong DMX channel in DMX list editor ? Cycle behaviour?

Created 2 DMX tracks, 1 specific for channel 1 (dimmer), one specific for channel 8 (color presets).
Drew some events on each :
dimmer 127 on 1.1 and 0 on 2.1
color 63 on 1.2 and 10 on .2

1 - when looking at the DMX list editor, the channel is offset by -1 (showing 7 i/o 8)

2- I had activated the cycle on the transport and was expecting the DMX commands to be passed through the fictures at every cycle. It only works for the first reading, not the repeated cycles.

3 - the manual recommends to create one DMX track per channel “personality”) (p.109 TIP : Place all of the DMX Tracks for each fixture in a folder. Name the folder based on the type of fixture, and its starting address. Within each folder, name your DMX Tracks based on the personalites they control.).
Using this method, it would be nice if the lane shown in the lower zone of the DMX editor could align with the target channel of the track / event selected in the upper zone (e.g. selecting an event in the track dedicated to channel 8, I’d like to see the lower zone go direct to the corresponding lane 8.

Fixed with the next version. It’s the same chaos like with MIDI channels (and Program Change), where humans like to count starting at 1, but computers like to start counting from zero.

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will check