1.1.86. Crash while clicking YES to some question regarding SETLIST

Ups, I meight press something. Unfortunatelly I still can’t provide crash log (I wish I could).
Closing and re-opening project to check something.before having rest for today.:

Presumably, this is an older project which already had Setlists?
The reason is that SYNC was active when you saved it, now it tries to sync but that’s a bad idea while loading. We will disable sync after loading if the selected Setlist doesn’t match the current Playlist.
Why it crashed is still unclear, but the function causing the message box should not be invoked when opening a project, so it should be fixed with the next update. Sorry and thanks for reporting!
We can restore your project if you send us the .vlprj file.

Maybe just saying “No” should also do the trick?

Hi @musicullum ,

If that helps, that is the same project file I did the rehearsal daytime. Just updated to 1.1.86 and mousing a bit the the polished setlist-editor. No Nee music or setlist were added. I hope that info helps something. Fortunately pressing “NO” allowed me open for practicing today :slight_smile:

Great, it should be fixed with the next update, thanks again!

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