[] Setlist Messagbox delet Settlist Name

When double-clicking an existing setlist in the setlist listing, the setlist name should be displayed in the dialog box.

So far so good.

If you close the dialog box via the “Close” cross or via the “Cancel” button without having made any changes, the existing setlist name is deleted.


You are correct in both cases. We will set input to current name, and fix that an empty name is accepted, thanks for pointing it out!

Hi @musicullum ,

I’m sorry dropping just it here quickly. Do you think, a time-counter would be hard to implement in SETLIST-EDITOR above/below 3rd column (see setlist length as adding or removing songs)?

Good idea! Will see when we find the time.

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:slight_smile: also thinking about bit further about an important parameter to get song length. Just my akward pseudo below:

SongLenght {
IF EndMarker is SET
SongLength = position of EndMarker
SongLength = EndTimeOf LastEvent

For sure none will work when a there is “L/R cycle”, or a song is used just for any kind FX STACK only w.o. the need for set EndMarker or even hit PLAY. But for BackingTrack users it could give a “summed netto” setlist length.

Sorry for that. No push at all, just a thought.
(Currently I’m doing this via Google Sheets)

endmarker or last event end is exactly what is planned :slight_smile:


Hi there,

in Version [] the Issue is solved.
Thank you

If all goes well it could be like this next Friday:


Wowww, that looks just awesome!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: