1.1.87 Activated SETLIST - Plays a "randomly" selected backing track underneath

Hi! I had a weird experience:

  • Created a new setlist
  • Pulled in 3 songs
  • Hit PLAY
    VST Live started playing my songs but additionally a backing track from an other song that exists in the Porject file, but not exists on the active setlist, furthermore the “secretly” track wasn’t added to any song.

After restarting VST Live, the problem eliminated.
Attaching a video, unfortunatelly couldn’t record sound. But can be seen the VU meter blinking even muting all channels. Maybe that happened this time one and only.

We do beleive you, no need to prove. The question is how you got there.
Presumably, a Song became activated during Setlist actions which isn’t supposed to, will try to find it but any hint how to reproduce is verxy welcome, thanks.

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Dear @musicullum ,

Thank you for your feedback! As soon as I run to it again I will write all further details.

Hi @musicullum ,

catched today again:

  • opened VST Live
  • opened SETLIST editor/selector
  • activated my recently created 3 song playlist “WEDDING”
  • hit PLAY
    RESULT: An off-setlist-song is played paralelly with current song.

Therefore to help narroving:

  • Opened MIXER-VIEW and caught the problem:
  • an additional SONG is inserted to the mixer
  • furthermore added to the hall 3 songs setlist independetly changing to another SONG within the “PLAYLIST”

When looking for the attached videos, stop your eyes when see a green-colored-channel for song-sub-channels for “Kite”
There is no green-colored-channel for “Thousand Years” in TRACK view.
While you can find the song-sub-channels for “Thousand Years” in MIXER view,
in addition with the paralelly-played, off-setlist-song “Kite” with a green-colored-channel Track 1

For the next other 2 songs two piece of green-colored-track1 can be seen.
Makes that sense somehow?

We can reproduce it. The currently active Song is not de-activated before the Setlist gets activated. Will be fixed with the next version, thanks a lot for helping!

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Hi @musicullum ,

some sort of, not the same, now the selected song is played, but Song1 came from nowhere to mixer

To be precise, I’ve created a song with “+” that become Song1, but deleted it, as had another idea (to modify existing song).

UPD: it loves stayin in Mixer:

Your first video already has two song channels, that is wrong to begin with, everything else is a result of that. How did you create this situation?

That is what I did that time. Shall I try it again to give more detailed expl? Feel free let me know!

Yes please. I suspect it has to do with setlists, because when I try anything like that in the Playlist (in the main view), no chance to reproduce?

Just sitting to my laptop trying to reproduce. I catched something else:

  • no “song1” in playlist / setlist
  • add song (song 1)
  • song appears in new-setlist-editor
  • delete song
  • add again…
  • birth of multiple “song 1”'s

(ps.: I’m going back to narrow original issue)

Probably never tested, because you can use + and - in the setlist editor instead going to Playlist…will check, thanks!

I know, no problem, just appeared… also deletion is like deleting multiple items:
sorry after deleting all “Song 1” rest of the video is not importand, just couldnt trim it easily

Right, figured that, and it shows the problem. Thanks, will try to fix soon.

Sadly or thanks God, I coundt reproduce the “multiple songs” issue again. I will do my best later!
(talking about this: 1.1.87 Activated SETLIST - Plays a "randomly" selected backing track underneath - #6 by fkalmus)