1.1.87 setlist, need alphabetic order in the column 2 (songs) for easy visual search

set list:
I think that an alphabetic order on the second column of the songlist (the songs list to drag) help, to search scrolling the list, the song to drag .


Absolutely, will do!

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Hi @frankvenice , while alphabetic order is welcome in SETLIST editor, the new “SEARCH” fields on the bottom of columns meight be the quickest way to find songs & setlists :slight_smile:

Implemented with the next version. Also double-click to rename a Song in that list.



I know of it. But it is not a convienient way for me.
I can’t use pc keyboard, while i use vstlive during the show.

I’m a streamer on TWITCH, one man band, so in front of me I have digital piano, books, and near a little streamdeck (with REMOTE MIDI COMMAND) for VSTLIVE, shared with OBS (to stream).
1 Screen with VSTLIVE is up in front (i have other two).

The keyboard and the TRACKBALL mouse are on side, I can use only TRACKBALL MOUSE.

And I hate to touch pc-keyboard for any, and mouse too. Midi-remote is faster and custom.

I need to add one to three song per time, as the request goes, so my setlist is in progress during the show.
:grinning: thanks in any case.

Hi @frankvenice
Wow that sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Also I’m impressed how wide is the field VSTLive can be the “swissknife tool” :sunglasses:

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That is so cool! Great work, and glad to learn how VST Live can be used in so many different types of projects!

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