1.1 Bug: Paragraph Styles Inconsistent

Amidst my elation, I did notice a problem with paragraph styles, possibly related to 1.0.x docs: Custom paragraph styles seem to make the trip in name only in the Text/System Text popup, and not at all in the Paragraph Styles dialog in Engrave. This also means there’s no way to edit or delete custom PS so there’s dead weight in the drop-down dialogue.

I’m unable to reproduce this problem: I have created a couple of custom paragraph styles and they show up both in the Paragraph Styles dialog and in the list of paragraph styles in the text editing popover. Can you attach a project that demonstrates this problem?

Daniel, I think it may have something to do with docs/styles created in a previous version. A doc started in 1.1 works for me too. I’ll send you the file that got my attention.

OK, how can I send a Dorico file to you again? Sometimes this quaint old forum structure drives me nuts. :angry:

You can zip it up and attach it here, or you can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. (I’m sure you already have my email address.)