1.1 Bug Report- Adjusting Note Spacing

Hi all–
It seems that if you adjust note spacing via the new note spacing handles it can affect (distort) staff spacing. I’ve been working on a project and without fail, whenever I go to adjust a note here or there, it changes staff spacing and the lines are no longer evenly justified, prompting a manual reset. I can be adjusting a note on stave 2 and have staves 3 and 4 popping all over the place (moving up and down) even though they had their stave distance values manually set.

Interestingly, I had a multi-instrument player and when I changed what names were displayed at the instrument changes in the layout options, from page 3 on it changed my staff spacing again.

We would need to see the project itself (not a picture of it, but it itself) along with steps to reproduce the problem in order to look into this for you.

Update for anyone else who was curious or experienced the same thing: heard back from Daniel and the team was able to pinpoint the issue and it will be fixed in the forthcoming minor update. Grateful as always!