1/16 note too soon


I have a question; when i want to record VST output to an audio track, starting say at 5, it will record, but when i open the audio editor, i see that recording started at 4.4. I always have to set the event start vertical bar to 4.4. I cannot find a setting, which corrects the issue.

I don’t think it has something to do with latency, because it starts precisely at 4.4. Or maybe it is a matter of latency and this is then a hell of a coincidence.

Anyone knows the solution? Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

There is Pre-Record function in Cubase. This is because of safety reason. The Cubase is continuously recording a signal on currently Record Enabled tracks. Then you don’t miss the very first notes of your audio recording (for example voice). The default Pre-recording time is set to 1 second. You can change it in Preferences > Record > Audio.