1.167 Feature Idea

I’m not sure if this is currently a feature, but I’d like to see the lyrics font size and color default values. Possibly in the VST Live → Settings… dialog box. This way when each song I import will have the lyrics font size and color set and not have to do it each time I load a song.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Hi @ericwentz ,

Additionally I had some thought here for lyrics track’s editor:

I personally like the idea of default lyrics params in Prefs :slight_smile:

But gosh…. I remember… about 15 yrs ago - there was a special gig with guests - we had to rent a separate system for lyrics. It was still running from a rock solid Amiga computer and the guy was scrolling it manually. Now I can just open VSTLive and…. it runs with all the other stuff…. Pfff that is awesome, I love it!

For Notes, these settings are saved with the Song, we plan to have that for Lyrics as well.