1.2.1 CPU load under Windows 10

After stopping a song during run the CPU load jumps to 100%
and never returns to normal (about 50%)
(watch screenshots)
I tried this out with different interfaces (RME Babyface, Steinberg UR44, Generic ASIO) with newest drivers.
Same result with any Interface.

My Mac’s (iMac under Ventura or MacBook under Monteray) do not have this problem, only my DELL Notebook on Windows 10

We’d need to know what is active at the time you stop, Tracks, Layers, Stacks, Video, plugins etc. Your i5 may become overloaded by some process.

Hello musicullum

In my live on stage project I use:
1 MIDI Layer
2 MIDI Tracks (Light- and Amp-control)
some Audio Tracks (Backtracking)

Signature Track
Lyrics Track
Chords Track

In the main output cannel I use the plugin:
HOFA 4U (Meter Fader & MS-Pan)

that’s it.
Watch the screen shots.

If I’m not mistaken, the audio CPU (display at the bottom left of VST Live) is not any suspicious, correct? Can’t see it in all of the screenshots.
That points to something entirely different, we were suspecting an audio overload problem.
Then we cannot help w/o the project (and probably even with), because there are literally thousands of possibilities. Try to narrow it by removing tracks, layers, plugins, also watch for other services and applications running in parallel.


…is also a hint that the culprit could be outside VST Live (or inside, but external component).

Ok, I will try

I’ve seen similar behaviour on my PC. I have a project with approx 25 different layers, mostly Roland Zenology Pro, but with the odd Keyscape and addictive Keys instrument. I have a setlist of 16 songs with the largest songs using up to 3 layers per part and 4 parts per song.
When I open the project, my processor happily sits around 5%. Whilst playing a song it can reach 50-60% (but never much more than that).
After I stop playing it drops to about 30% but never lower. If I move to other songs with different plugins used in the layers it doesn’t alter. It seems that 30% is the minimum usage until I close VST Live and restart.

I haven’t posted a separate issue yet as I wanted to do a bit more testing. When I get time I will find out whether this still happening and see if I can reproduce on a simple project with one or two layers. Also I want to check and see whether it occurs with different Plug-ins. Both Zenology and Keyscape can be quite CPU hungry so want to see if both see the same behaviour or if it is limited to just one. I will update when I can.

@RonBlack , you should download v1.2.3 and see if this fixes your issue. I suspect it will.

This sounds identical to the issue I had where after playing a virtual instrument with a midi controller left the CPU running away forever. @musicullum found the cause of my issue and is fixed. I think you have seen the same issue too.

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Yes, I tried it out and it was successful.
CPU load dropped about 25 to 30%.