1.2.1 DMX Files Differences In Archive

Using 1.2.1, I opened a project and then archived it. I did not make any changes to any tracks. When I then compared the DMX folder files in my original project & my archive version, there was a subtle difference.

The original DMX files in the original project look like this:

The DMX folder files in the archived project look like this:

So the “file” beginning with “4137571688030355724_” had 3 files in my original project & they seemed to be reduced to a single file in the archived version.

Is this what you would expect to happen? Is there some sort of recompilation of DMX files happening when you archive a project?

As an aside, is there some way I can view the contents of the data in a DMX file to compare the contents? Text editors obviously do not open them - it would be interesting to see what DMX file data looks like.

The first part of the name is the project id, so these files belong to the same project.
When changes are made to data, or files are moved or anything the like, a new file is created. The old files are not beeing deleted, as they may be used in other projects.
When you “Save Archive”, only the currently active files are copied, so it may also serve as a “cleanup” method.

Thanks for that. So I should not be concerned that there is different number of files in the DMX folder when I compare the original project & the archived project. Good to know.

Is there a way to inspect the data in the DMX files or is that in some sort of proprietary format?

You will need top open it in VST Live.