1.2.1 Project Autoload behaviour

The new Autoload function is great.

But after a restart of VSTLive (power loss or anything else what can happen in a stage situation) the last played song from the setlist should be automatically selected and rewind to the beginning!
That makes it possible to restart the accedently broken song from the beginning without any actions at the computer.

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It opens with the last saved project; projects always open with the Song selected when saving, and wound to the top.
Your wish would imply that after each selection (or start?) of a Song, that selection was saved…will think about it. In any case, if the project is not too large, or there is entertainment action in between Songs, you can just save after selecting.

Remembering how it felt… Next version will select last started Song when autoload is activated :slight_smile:


It works perfect now in 1.2.2 :+1:t3:
Thank you.