1.2.1 Small improvements to setlist

Today I worked the first time with the new setlist tool. I enjoyed it, as ist works now much better than before. I recognized some few improvements.

  1. Middle column (all songs): I have to click mostly twice on the “+” sign to create a new song
  2. Middle column (all songs): Double click on a song opens rename, what is ok. But the box of the pop-up window is empty instead of containing the current name. And closing the window with “cancel” clears the song name instead of keeping the actual one.
  3. Right column (song list of setlist). After the list gets bigger and do not fit in the window anymore, it is nealry imposible to drag a new item to the last position. Most of the time it lands one before the last and has then to be reordered to get it to the last position. In case you fill a new setlist, most people will fill it from first to last song.

Thanks, we’ll check. You are right about 2, 3 I can’t reproduce, autoscroll gets you down and you can move the Song to the end, but maybe you mean something else?

The area to drop down a new song to the end of the list gets very small. I had a 75 to 25 chance, that the song gets not to the end of the list. So a bigger area at the end to drop the song would be nice.

1+2 will be fixed with the next update, thanks for reporting!

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