1.2.3 - Midi Notes deleted


after I updated to 1.2.3 yesterday, I edited some Midi tracks in an existing project.
There was an issue, when I wrote notes I could not delete them anymore. I tryed to press the Del-key or use the erase function. It was still possible to move to note, but not to delete it…
Then I reloaded the project so I could delete these notes. Then I edited about 2 hours and saved the project under a new name.

Today it’s rehearsal and I opened the new project file. Suddenly, all the midi tracks I worked on yesterday, are empty now.
The midi tracks I did not edit are ok.

Is there any bug?

How can I import a midi track from another project? I’d like to import the midi track from the oder project file, but I can’t find a function to export midi tracks
Any ideas?
I’m a bit nervous, cause rehearal without midi is like driving without wheels for us :wink:

Of course I could open the older project, but then all other edits are gone…


Did you move the project to another location (folder, directory)? Then you should open it where you did the edits, and use „Save Archive“ if you want to move the project, so to get all of its assets along with it.
To rescue your project, copy all files inside the „midi“ folder from the location where you edited your project to the new locations „midi“ folder (if not there already).

I did not move the project to another location.

So yesterday we rehearsed with the older version where all midi files were ok.
We rehearsed, did some edits in the mixer and in our layers (not in midi tracks) and saved the project.
Today the midi tracks are empty again, also in the “older” version.
I can’t find my midi files anywhere.
It’s strange, that it only disappeared from two songs in our setlist.

Any idea how we can find out what is causing this problem?

Could you send us the project file, just the .vlprj file? Then we can look it up and tell you where it expects to find what files. It would then also be good to know one example MIDI event that is missing its file. Thanks!

Just to get this straight: “moving” would also appy if you save to a location different from the one you are currently working in. It should work nevertheless, as it then loads assets from the old location (as long as those still exist). If you really always work inside the same directory there is no reason why it should fail to find its files.