[1.2.4.] Missing display of MOTU Midi Port #8 and more Devices

Hello, as reported in version [] “Missing display of MOTU Midi Port #8”.
the error is still present in version 1.2.4. In the displayed listing still 6 existing Midi devices are missing, which should be selectable.
I again fetch my request: Add scrollbars to the dropdown list so that all existing midi devices can be selected. Or please fix the display error.
Greetings Herbert

[[] Missing display of MOTU Midi Port #8](https://[] Missing display of MOTU Midi Port #8)

True, when the list of available ins or out is long, the last items are hidden, with no possibility to select them.

But there’s an odd workaround: change the display of your computer to portrait mode and turn your mouse 90⁰ to move the cursor to the right place! :rofl:

More seriously, we really need scrollbars. Please!

If the list is too long, it is displayed in columns (see image). What Windows version are you using? Did you possibly install some UI extension which prevents the list from beeing folded? Maybe it disappears behind the taskbar or something the like?

… maybe it is only happening on a second monitor?

Hi Jihem,
Thank you very much for your workaround. You have to come up with that first. Great!

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Thanks for the screenshot. That’s not what it looks like on my end.
In my post 1-2-1-743-missing-display-of-motu-midi-port-8
All data from my studio computer are listed. Maybe check there again.
The computer in question is my studio computer. It has three monitors connected.
Except Windows 10 Home Edition is installed there nothing that does not belong there. Only Cubase 12, Studio One 6.2 and VST Live 1.2.4.xxx. No video programs or anything like that. And the computer is operated offline. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Your tip prompted me to drag VST Live to the “first” monitor of three.
As visible in the photo, the rest of the midi device list is actually displayed on the monitor below.
My main monitor is actually the one on the bottom left.
For this reason, I think it would be better to have all dropdown controls basically scroll lists.
Expanding a dropdown control with 128 items to the right not only looks unattractive, it also unnecessarily covers up the background where you might need to read something
Take a look at Cubase. There, dropdown lists even come with search boxes and scrollbars.
Thanks for your support.

On my laptop with no external monitor, the list looks like this :

Three lines and half are hidden. Maybe the number of lines is too large for a correct display, but too small to print a multi-column view…

I did some tests with a MOTU Ultralite AVB which allows me to activate any number of inputs.

With 8 inputs (visible as mono and stereo pairs) everything is ok :

With 19 inputs, some lines overflow the screen :

With 20 inputs, a second column appears but the first one is incomplete :

With 28 inputs, still some lines missing in the first column. Note that the top of the select box is now above the field of the input selector :

Finally, with 32 inputs, the select box starts at the top of the screen and all the lines are there and selectable :

Now, you know what we expect for friday :wink:

… ah, I can reproduce it. But only if I change the Menu Size (Preference).
“VL / Menu / Preferences / Interface / Choose Menu Size” → Big

Can you confirm that? Have you configured your menu size to “Big”? And if you go back to “Small”, the menu is sized “correct”?

Thank you,

The menu size was “middle” and after changing it to “small”, the display is correct and the 2nd column is displayed from 32 inputs.

I had never noticed this option…

Thank you @Spork !

… fixed, next update :slight_smile:

… and @Herbert_Schmitt, thank you for pushing that one back to the top of the forum.


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The problem was fixed in version [1.2.5.xxx].
Thanks. Herbert