[1.2.4.] Sysex Dialogbox error by click on "Cancel" button

[1.2.4.] Sysex dialog box error-by click on cancel button.

1.) Create a midi track with a valid sysex command.
at position “0001.1.1” e.g. “F0 43 10 4C 00 00 7E 00 F7” = XG-On

2.) Go to menu “Edit” → “MIDI List Editor…”.
Select the newly created sysex string in the column “Data1”.

The Edit dialog box opens.
Do not make any changes and close the dialog box via the “Cancel” button or the red “X” in the dialog box window bar.
The following error is displayed although the sysex string is completely correct.

When clicking on an entry in the “MIDI List Editor…” window, the editor dialog box is opened immediately.
In my opinion you should change the trigger event to “on double click”.
Cu Herbert

Yeah, just stumbled upon this myself :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting.

This Isue is fixed in Version [1.2.5.xxx]
:+1:. Herbert