[1.2.5] DMX items and messages are both created on the wrong track and channel

Yes, I’ve been reworking our light show this week! This feels like an off-by-one error so hopefully another easy fix.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create two new DMX tracks
  2. Change to Draw mode and click and drag in an empty space on the 2nd DMX track
  3. A DMX item of the drawn length is created on the 1st DMX track
  4. Drag the created DMX item onto the correct DMX track (the 2nd) and double-click on it to open it
  5. Enter Draw mode and click on empty space in the lane for DMX channel 1.
  6. A point is inserted on DMX channel 2

Expected behaviour:

  • DMX items are created on the track that was clicked on
  • DMX events are created on the channel that was clicked on

BTW, Let me know if you want any future bug reports in a different format!

Hi @MorayM,

I’ve tried everything I could to reproduce it, but I have no luck :frowning: Do you have a chance to create a video for your points? Maybe I am missing something.

Thank you,

Hmm, I can’t reproduce it now! I’m out gigging all weekend but will take another look at it on Monday.