[1.2.5] Problem with Mixer routing [Zoom LiveTrak L-8]

We use VSTLive Pro in conjunction with a Zoom LiveTrak L-8 mixer in our rehearsal room. For the drummer, we route a stereo audio track (mp3) to out4 of the L-8 mixer to give it a stereo “click”, but the output doesn’t come out in stereo, only mono on the right. The screenshot shows the sample and the routing. Why do we only get a mono signal on output 4, which setting did we overlook?

Screenshot [1.2.5]

routing looks ok. With a similar setup we don’t encounter such problems.
Are you sure to address a stereo buss? Maybe there is a 3+4? Or if not, check that the according output is set to stereo etc. Also look at “Devices/Connections” that you set the output to a stereo pair. So far every stereo output of every device we had works as expected.

I also have a strange problem with the outputs of the audio tracks. in one song (and only one) I have a track that doesn’t exist vsrso to assign to the output that I have chosen … if I change the output channel assignment it works, but if I want it to come out where I want it, the meters on the output fader don’t even move.

There used to be some remaining problems up until 1.2.5, did you use that?

The settings for the click for our (new drummer) are also new for us. We haven’t tested the setting with previous versions of VSTLive.

Yes, i used 1.2.5