[1.2.7] Lyrics line spacing not saved

Hi, this parameter is not stored when I save the project. Every time I load the project it returns to the initial default position.
Thank you all


I was about to make the same type of report, the fact that the value associated with the zoom applied to the lyrics is not stored is a real problem.

In using the lyrics view, I actually realized how it would be extremely useful to save the zoom value at the song level rather than at the project level: I strongly hope that this suggestion can be accepted.

Thanks for the attention.

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… good one, it should be stored for every song, we’ll check,


Hi @Spork,

a kind reminder for this feature request.

The fact that the zoom value applied to the lyrics is not stored at the Song level makes using the Lyrics feature uncomfortable, especially when the songs in the Setlist have BPMs that vary over a wide range.

I have no idea of the current priorities and the level of effort required by the feature, but I await news with confidence. :blush:

As always, thanks for your attention.

… we‘ll try to get it done for the next release,

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Hi @spork,

the requested functionality seems to be present in the 1.3.11 Pre-Release version of the software and to work perfectly.

Waiting for the Lyrics editor to grow further with features like copy/past text events, import/export lyrics, etc, this saving zoom feature definitely makes Lyrics more usable. :blush:

Thanks for the attention! :slight_smile:

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