1.2 can't get arco playback

Great update!
But now I can’t get playing technique “arco” to playback, still pizz sound in HALion.
Any ideas? Thanx

Allright…, seems like a reboot of my computer “solved” this issue (Running Mac OS High Sierra) Leaving this post in case anyone else experiences the same problem. Thanks for a great software! Looking forward to repeats playback and more…

I also saw this initially. I reset playback setting and did a reboot. Haven’t seen it since.

My strings also keep reverting to pizz with 1.2. A reboot fixes it but a more permanent solution would be welcome!
I’m on MacOS 10.13.1


I still have a problem with this issue though. And now a reboot doesn’t solve it. As soon as I’ve used pizzicato, playback doesn’t follow back to arco. Any ideas?

In play mode - Playing Techniques: As soon as I’ve written a pizzicato, all notes after will get pizzicato as well to the end of the flow. Dorico doesn’t read arco and change back…

Have you tried nat. to revert from pizz.?

That works!
But I prefer “arco”, hoping for that in next update.

arco used to work, to this must be a 1.2. accident …

That’s my experience as well…

same issue here

I am also having trouble getting arco playback…

I just reinstalled Dorico using the full installer instead of the update installer and it works for me now.

edit: I take it back. Still broken.

Also, make sure “Suspend Audio in the Background” is checked in the preferences menu. That solved it for me.

:mrgreen: Claude, thanks! Great!! Issue solved for me as well.

This fix doesn’t seem to work for me. The box is checked but the problem is still there.

I have just tried and I can’t reproduce this problem. Do you have a score that shows it happening? (it can just be a really chopped down score)

This one does. The problem usually shows up after saving the file and then relaunching Dorico (at least on Mac).
test.dorico.zip (689 KB)

Some more data on this problem. This problem does not always occur. And if you close and reopen a file without quitting Dorico, then it will behave as it did the last time it was opened (i.e., it will fail if it was failing before, and it will behave normally if it was doing that before).

But if you quit and relaunch Dorico, then it may or may not fail.

Great, thanks, that’s very useful, I can reproduce it with that score. Strangely I had an almost identical test score this morning where I couldn’t reproduce the problem.