1.2 scaling: stems scaling with notes

I was playing around with custom scaling (which I’m SO happy to have!!!), and found a bit of a glitch: when scaling a single note in, say, a chord or an optional octave, the stem scales with it, even though full-size notes remain attached. Shouldn’t the stem retain full scaling in this situation? Add it to the 1.2.1 list. =)

I’d be interested to see the situation in which this happens: the stem should (and indeed does for me) take its width from the largest notehead on the stem, rather than the smallest.

Create a new document, add a singer, input C-G, use the (AWESOME) Shift-I popover to create octaves, then use custom scale on the newer pitches. Seems that scaling tracks the newest note in the figure; I encountered this by manually entering notes with Q as well.

Attached screenshot. Can’t place it inline because of these forums.

Thanks, Tony. Setting the ‘Custom scale’ property should do the same thing as setting the ‘Scale’ property, which is to say that the stem should always take its cue (no pun intended) from the largest notehead on the stem. For now, I suggest using the ‘Scale’ property if one of the four preset sizes is suitable for your needs.

OK. Thanks for checking on this with me.