1.21 crash delete midi port connection

Error Code
Crash VSTLIVE.zip (58.1 KB)

Hi @Francesco_Ferrandi,

please remind me? Did you already reported such kind of crash? It sounds so familiar to me. Anyway, to reproduce the crash it would be very helpful if we could get your project. We just need the *.vlprj file.

Thank you,

Musaico2023_KeyVST_SergioReggioli.zip (3.2 MB)

Thank you. Both Micha and me cannot produce a crash, deleted all midi etc. The crashlogs point to video, but what does that have to do with MIDI inputs…? Anyway, will try to replace your video files and see what gives. You said the crashes occur when you remove a MIDI port, correct? In the “Connections” panel?

Perfect! Midi Connection. Attention!!! Only MAC system , Windows no crash

… we’ll check again. Thank you for your feedback,