1.3.14 Crashlog Mac

I haven’t find any crashlog -files although program crashes quite often.

If it crashes, there should be crashlogs. Remember “freeze” is different from crashing (message from OS, or rteurn to Desktop etc), maybe you mean freeze? And would you know of a way how to produce it, we don’t accept crashes at all.

Sorry, I meant it returns to desktop and “report to apple” -screen appears.

Hi @Horna,

can you please have a look to the following folder?

Do you find any vstlive* files?

Thank you,

Hello! Yes I did find ips-files VL created. It seems videofile is related to this:
“Crashed Thread: 47 YYVideoFrameBuffer”

So my question is… which video format is best for VL, HD-resolution?

… can you please give us the crash log file?

… there is no preferred format. Do you have a video file which will crash VL, always?


vstlive-2023-09-23-145810.ips (73.8 KB)

Always crashing video file, I don’t recall, sorry. Will keep eye on this.

Hi @Horna,

thank you! We’ll analyse it. If you have again a crash with a video file, could you please give us access to the file? Please contact me at : m.spork (at) steinberg.de